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  • Dean - On behalf of P. and D. J. and my husband L.,and myself, we want to thank you very much for helping us every step of the way following the death of our mother, D.H. Your understanding and patience throughout the process eased things for us considerably.
  • Tracey - On behalf of P. and D. J. and my husband L., I want to convey our thanks for your assistance in arranging things there at Skyway Memorial after the death of our mother, D.H. Again we appreciate your helpfulness at such a sad time for our family.
  • Tracy, Dean and Staff - We want to thank you for everything you did for our daughter, D.W.'s service. At a time when there is so much grief and heartbreak in our lives it was comforting to have such caring and organized people help us through this difficult time.
    G. & D. H
  • Thank you Tracy for the flowers you put in our vases on Monday ( R.H.) Please understand that we blame no one - we were just surprised to see them gone again! There is no way to control such things in a place that size. We enjoyed the hot dogs. Have a great summer.
  • Dear Tracey - Just can't put into words how grateful I am to know you and have you in my life, being such a wonderful and caring friend. All the EXTRA things for S. you did and did them for me and his family. Tracey you are just one in a million. I really mean it. This world needs more people like you! Thank you again for the new urn for S. which I will cherish forever!!!
  • To all of you at Skyway who made moms service the wonderful experience it was, Eternal Gratitude.
    Family of C.M.
  • Dearest Tracey & Staff: It seems I am requiring your services more than I would like. I want to thank each of you for the smooth transition in the burial of my spouse W. Sr. I can't believe how orderly everything ran. You do provide a much needed service for us people that are to filled with grief to deal with anything. My sincere thanks for your part in honoring a good man that we all love.
  • Tracy - thanks for your leadership, you continue to impress all of us.
  • Tracy: Thank you so much for being so kind during this sad time in our lives. We appreciate it.
    The family of T.
  • Dear Jackie & Staff - Thank you all for the nice work you do at Skyway Gardens. May you all be blessed with a lovely spring - Just a little something to get yourself something for working on the bookmark pray cards for me that I'll be able this year to share with our family since we didn't order them last year. Looking forward to seeing them. Thanks again - most sincerely.