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Cemetery Options

Affordable Cemetery Options

Whether you are preparing for the loss of a loved one or planning for yourself, every life deserves to be honored and remembered. We have cemetery options for every budget. We promise to work with all families, regardless of budget.

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Cemetery Property That Impact Your Cost

Do you want to be buried, cremated or placed above ground in a mausoleum? What about being laid to rest next to loved ones? Once you decide, this will help guide your decision-making process.
Where do you want your final resting place to be? Take into account this will be where family and friends come to remember and honor you for years to come.
Do you have ties to a specific cemetery? Consider if you want to be near family or friends, or maybe in a setting that has a special significance to you. If you are interested in being buried or interred alongside family members, you may want to consider purchasing multiple plots to save money and ensure that the cemetery will be able to meet your needs.
Does your religion or culture influence your burial decision? If so, you’ll want to ensure that the cemetery has the ability, background and knowledge to follow and honor your religious and cultural beliefs.
How important to you is a lasting memorial? When budgeting for the costs associated with these types of expenses, prioritize what’s most important to you and allocate your funds accordingly. Most cemeteries have a wide selection of burial options that range in price. Depending on your budget, be sure to understand all your options. Typically, it is less expensive and less stressful to purchase in advance, rather than purchasing them after a death has occurred. We also have at-need financing options available.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Care

Having a permanent place for family to visit is an essential part of the grieving process, and later a special place for coming together to remember a love one. Our affordable cemetery options include complete, full-service care:

Above-Ground Burialstarting at $65 per month*

Private family mausoleums, companion mausoleums and private cremation estates can be specially designed to reflect your family's vision.

In-Ground Burialstarting at $23 per month*

We provide families with a variety of beautiful and peaceful burial sites to lay their loved ones to rest; including individual, companion and private family estates for both traditional burial and cremation placements.

Cremation Memorializationstarting at $26 per month*

Many families are opting for cremation, which allows for memorialization at any time, including glass-front niches, bench estates, in-ground placement and more.

Free Planning Guide

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